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We don’t produce content. We build thought leaders.

Meat and potatoes are our bread and butter.  


What We Do 

There Are No Shortcuts to Thought Leadership

Being a thought leader means you get to frame the conversation. You’re always prepared for when the next trend hits because you’re the one setting it. This allows you to draw in customers by setting yourself apart as a business that has something valuable to say. Your content needs to be more than just a search engine optimized page filler. It needs to harness your unique expertise to educate and inspire your audience.    

Your Business Is More Than Just A Product

You’ve honed a unique perspective through customer engagement, R&D, and the pain of trial and error. Turn that wealth of experience into valuable insight that establishes your thought leadership.

Know Thyself

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses gives you the perspective to outmanoeuvre the competition. Whether you have a precise research objective, or you’re simply looking for a thorough analysis of the competition, our research helps you put your best foot forward.

Educated Customers Make Enthusiastic Consumers

Good products sell themselves. A candle shines brightest in the darkness, and your value is most apparent when it’s properly contrasted with your competition. We craft that narrative for you so that your loyal customer core becomes your out-of-house marketing department. 

If A Tree Falls In The Forest...

Your words are valueless if no one reads them. We craft your thought pieces into optimized posts for social media and find the right publications to spread your ideas. Your writing pieces look as good as they sound, thanks to our inventive design team. 

Good content doesn't grow on trees.

Trust us, we've tried. 

How We Do It

Our Process

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Next, we put pen to paper and craft according to our analysis. Each piece you receive is innovative and optimized for your audience.  

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We delve deep to identify the building blocks necessary to forward your position as a thought leader. We characterize your audience, analyze your competition, and keep a finger on the industry’s pulse.

We make sure your writing goes to the places where people will read it. Your thought pieces will keep on giving as they’re shared across the appropriate channels. 

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We follow up, evaluating how smoothly the machine is running.

We make tweaks and improvements so that your content is always dynamic. 


The Team

Behind the Scenes

The Founder

Noam Levenson

I guess this is supposed to be in the third person. Add that to the list of cliches to which we don't subscribe. I understand what works when it comes to building thought leaders because I've managed successful blogs and have helped dozens of companies strengthen their narrative. 


The Team

The Team

We come from all different walks of life, but the one thing we do well is write. We encourage creativity and thoughtfulness and only hire people who think outside the box. Our researchers adhere to a strict meditation regimen that helps open their minds. And our in-house demolitions expert is always on hand to jolt us out of writer’s block. 

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Our Writing Turns Heads

With hundreds of thousands of readers - everything we write helps drive your narrative.

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Colin Steil, COO, Cartesi

It was a pleasure working with Noam. He consistently provided high quality writings and was very flexible in accordance with our needs. Highly recommended for content creation.

Tal Be'ery, Co-founder, ZenGo

Noam did an exceptional job. He was creative, communicative, responsive, and passionate. He went above and beyond our expectations and did so in a timely and thorough manner. I happily recommend him and I hope I get the chance to work with him again in the future.

Lior Messika, Founder, Eden Block

I’ve worked with Noam on several projects. Throughout our working relationship, Noam and his team have exceeded all expectations by providing tremendous support. Noam’s is as analytically minded as he is straight forward - this makes him a truly incredible asset.

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